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Broke Boi | A Feature Film!

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

I first saw David A. Bell perform in Aileen Kyoko's The Year of The Solar Eclipse and then again when Aileen did a Clubhouse reading of the pilot version in collaboration with We Are Actors, followed by a panel on creating your own work. My Besties Make Movies partner Stacey Maltin and I were invited to speak on that panel. The third time we saw each other was at the Art Of Brooklyn Film Festival where we both had projects screening.

I was truly honored when David reached out to me shortly after with his script and an offer to play the role of Shae, a confident, body positive kink party hostess.

Filming was a blast. The set was full of good vibes, fun people and a really cool location, which was my character's apartment AKA an #actor's dream come true! It was refreshing to be on a set that actually representative of the world I live in.

Victor, a hapless weed delivery service boy for the company Sprout Services. The night he has to pay back Sprout for the product he has, he is robbed while out on a run for half his product. Not knowing how he will pay Sprout back, he calls his best friend Ty to help him who is gearing up to continue the “Summer of TY”. As the day goes on, Victor gets help from A struggling Brooklyn comedian, Shyan, and party girl turned dog mom, Deborah. Throughout the night the group runs around Brooklyn to pay back VIctor's debt while still trying to make it to the party of the summer in City Island.

David Bell is on a mission to expresses the complexities of the black male experience in America. With intentional movements, David and The Kingdom use their varying degrees of talent and knowledge to bring light to the different paths and walks of life in our community.

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